Zsofia Budai

Zsofia Budai
• International Diploma in Advanced Personal Training (Premier Global)
• Postural Assessment & Corrective Exercises Course (Premier Global)
• High Intensity Training Course (YMCA Fit)
• Power Plate Fundamentals ( Power Plate UK)
• Kettlebell workshop (Premier Global)
• VipR workshop (Premier Global)
• First aid certificate (Premier Global)
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Since I gained my diploma in Personal training in 2012 I have witnessed great successes and life changing transformations with clients. I specialise in weight loss management, postural correction, high intensity and functional training. Coming from a physically active lifestyle and practicing sports over 13 years I gained a deeper insight into various types of sports specific/conditioning training and learning different coaching styles which helps me supporting clients to achieve their goals.

I believe in finding ways of training that are fun and enjoyable, keeping enthusiasm and momentum all the way along the journey,  so that way health & fitness becomes part of your life instead of just a goal to achieve.