Pelvic Floor Core Rehab

Our 6 week post natal rehab course nurtures you back to recovery to help you ease back into exercise knowing you are stronger and ready to progress.

Post Natal Rehabilitation

This holistic course aids mums towards recovery by following a 6-week progressive program that eases mums back into physical exercise

Post Natal physical care for new mums in the UK can be quite confusing, sometimes the right kind of advice can be hard to come across and can also be quite conflicting.  Many mums are found in a situation where they want to exercise to help them get their strength/bodies back, but aren’t sure of what they can and can’t do physically without making their situation worse/better.  Going online and looking at advice is the easiest solution but can sometimes be even more confusing and conflicting with all the different information out there.  Nine months of pregnancy and giving birth changes a woman’s body and the right kind of post natal care is a really important step towards a full recovery. 

My 6-week postnatal core rehabilitation course caters for new mums at the early postnatal stage from 6 weeks onwards and is designed with a holistic approach. Prior to joining the course you will under go a thorough pre screen with a medical questionnaire and physical check for diastasi recti; this kind of assessment then tells me what is right for you at this stage. Should I feel you need extra assistance after your pre screen, I may then suggest a referral to a Woman’s Health Professional, however in most cases mums are fine to begin the course and work with me to get to a restorative stage.



What the course covers

  • During the course we begin by re-training your breathing to help restore strength in the pelvic floor and core. On average we take around 20,000 breaths in a day and when you breath your pelvic floor and core should work in sync with each other, just by re-training your breathing pattern we can help aid these muscles to begin working more naturally again.
  • We also work through some dynamic stretch movements that will help ease postnatal aches and pains, I teach you these movements so that you can take them home and practise them. I also send you videos of these exercises so you have a reminder!
  • We then move onto motherhood patterns, which are patterns of movement you use in every day life, I will help you to build strength in order to be able to carry baby, lift your buggy and your shopping and go about your daily routine.
  • During this course I pay much focus to core/pelvic floor restrengthening but I also try to educate you on how to do this yourself so that you can take all this information with you to continue on after you’ve finished. With a 3D model I show you what you should be working and explain how it should feel so you are sure that the course is working for you.
  • Nutrition is such a big aspect of post natal care, therefore PDF hand outs and nutritional advice will be given. We also offer an extra service through a qualified nutritionist if mums need more guidance. 


Surrey Docks Farm & Russia Dock Woodlands in Canada Water


New Eltham


Petts Wood/Orpington

To enquire on when our next available course is please fill out the form below or email

Course info

Up Coming Courses:

Russia Dock Woodlands Canada Water Tuesday 25th July 3pm for 6 consecutive weeks

Mycenae House Blackheath Tuesday 8th August 10am for 6 consecutive weeks

Poverest Coronation Hall Petts Wood Monday 7th August 11am for 3 consecutive weeks, a weeks break over bank holiday then a further 3 consecutive weeks

Courses are usually £139 but we are offering an introduction rate of £99 for the full 6 weeks

This will include your personalised screening process, physical check, advice on nutrition for healing and the 6 one hour sessions with homework. This offer is for a limited time only!

To book a listed course click on the link below and pay online, or if you have an NCT group who are interested in training as a group I can arrange to set up a private course for you.

When you have booked and paid, you’ll receive a confirmation email and I will contact you to arrange a 30 minute phone consultation.

Once you have started one course you must stick with this date and time as we will be following on from the week before.  There is limited space on these courses with a maximum of 8 in order to provide enough care and attention to all mums so do hurry when booking!

Should you feel that you require more one to one work or can’t make one of our listed times and dates, I also offer Personal Sessions and can come to your home.



Once signed up we will contact you to schedule you in for your 30 minute phone consultation.

Babies in buggies are welcome

A maximum of 8 mums to one course is suggested

It is advised you complete your 6-8 week post natal check before attending

The course is mat based so please bring a mat to class

With over ten years experience as a trainer, I designed this course after having my baby in 2016 and taking an advance postnatal rehabilitation course with Jenny Burrell through Burrell Education.  Post natal fitness has always been an interest of mine; I not only wanted to help myself get back to restorative health and strength, but I wanted to pass this knowledge onto other mums to help them feel confident with their bodies and their health. I believe that women’s health is first and foremost when it comes to getting back into exercise, without key components such as core and pelvic floor strength, tasks such as running/jumping and even enjoying time with your child can be challenging. Recovery is key to moving on to maintain a healthy happy lifestyle with your little one. I hope you can join me in taking this step towards better health!


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