Want to slim down or tone up?

Bootcamp SE16 are here for you! We cater for ALL levels and use a variety of equipment as well as body weight.  With such a versatile setting, you can achieve all you need to from attending our sessions.

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Are you BORED of the gym? Cannot AFFORD a trainer and are SICK of coming up with YOUR OWN WORKOUTS?

Do you want to VARY your TRAINING as well as your training ENVIRONMENT?

Are you PREPPING for an EVENT such as tough mudder, tough guy, marathon, triathlon?

Do you have a WEDDING, HOLIDAY or any other social occasion coming up you need to GET IN SHAPE for?

Discover Your Strength

Bootcamp SE16 is all about putting the fun into working out!

Bootcamp SE16 is a great way to get fit and stay fit.  It’s so much more fun than training in the gym and creating your own workouts. Whether you are looking to change up your routine, train for an event or you just want to tone up and lose weight, Bootcamp SE16 can help you get there!

By taking advantage of our local surroundings with the use of stave hill and a varied amount of equipment, no two sessions are ever the same! This is not your typical Bootcamp group, there is a great sense of community within the group and brilliant support network; you will never feel alone when you workout with Bootcamp SE16.

Bootcamp is for ALL fitness levels no matter whether you are a complete beginner to exercise or a semi pro athlete, we cater for ALL levels including mums and their buggies!

What to expect at Bootcamp SE16


We have seen some amazing results here through Bootcamp SE16 and are very proud of our participants.

Our bootcampers have been involved in preparing to walk the Arctic, Tough Mudder, Tough Guy, Marathons and other physical charity events.


We are probably the most social bootcamp in London, with regular meet ups and social events filling up everyone’s calendar. Bootcampers are more than just people you will train along side, we have all become friends and many meet up outside of sessions.

When you join Bootcamp SE16 you’ll achieve more than just fitness gains, with good friends and good times!

Bootcamp sessions are held 5 days a week by Stave Hill, Russia Dock Woodlands, Canada Water SE16 6AX.

We meet at the steps of stave hill at the start of every session then walk to our storage shed in the woodlands to collect equipment.

If it is your first time please try to arrive a little early to give yourself enough time to find us.

Sometimes sessions are held in the park, which is located behind the hill in the woodlands, but we always meet at the steps of stave hill first.

Please try to arrive on time for sessions as we will always start on time.

Bring a litre of water, a towel if needed, gloves and apply sunscreen and bug spray if you can!

  • Testimonial
    Herman S,

    Member of the camp since May 2014. Amazing changes in my body, strength, and mind and to 'boot' (sorry on the pun) my confidence has reached the roof. Steph is an excellent trainer and modivator bringing the reality of hardcard exercise and finding your inner determination together. And the challenge continues…..

  • Testimonial
    Gao Y,

    Tried a taster on Saturday games session, and I am absolutely HOOKED ever since! Originally, my intention was just to manage/maintain body weight. But since joining 3 months ago, I feel the benefits gained are so much more than that. I cannot wait to go each time because it makes me incredibly happy! The people are so friendly, and welcoming I did not feel intimidated. The brilliant trainers provide such a good variety of workout, keep it entertaining for every single session. It is outdoor which makes it so much more pleasant than a window-less gym. Give this a try, you won't regret it!.

  • Testimonial
    Nayab K,

    These sessions have transformed me from a pot-bellied 40 something to a youthful, bouncy and vibrant human being. The sessions are always different, lively and the attendees are good fun to work with. I have been a customer since August last year and I feel amazing. This is suitable for all levels of fitness, including chain smokers like me so there is NO excuse. There are easier options for all the exercises, but pretty soon, I find myself pushing harder and for longer. Steph is inspirational! Thank you.

  • Testimonial
    Santino P,

    As someone who has been to a fair share of fitness classes, this is the best I've been to! Stephanie makes fitness fun, and more importantly you work as a team and community. The level of motivation you get is second to none. Think you hate working out?... Think again. Highly recommended!.

  • Testimonial
    Natasha W,

    I have been attending bootcamp for 8 weeks doing about 3/4 classes a week and the results i have seen so far are astonishing. i started the Yummy Mummy Bootcamp first which was great as gym time and childcare is a worry for most moms in the beginning, then I started to attend the regular classes as well and took my baby along in his pram. Each instructor was good about making modifications for me as well a keeping an eye on my little one while I was busy trying to keep up. Since starting bootcamp I have lost in total 13.2 inches and have gained so much muscle. The fact that the classes are held out doors work great for a new mom like me who requires a lot of flexibility and the group support among the other people that attend is great and supportive. I was pretty fit pre pregnancy and now post pregnancy having the flexibility of bootcamp with trainers that work you out like a personal trainer I am 10 percent away from my goal and look great!!!!! I have recently terminated my gym membership as the cost of unlimited seasons at bootcamp per month is half of what i was paying monthly at the gym saves cash as well. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great work out by a great trainer for a great price.

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